Bella Galore | Beauty in Abundance

We all know that outstanding feeling when we get that wonderful gleaming skin, or put on a fresh face of makeup. Ah yes, that feeling is unmatched. The products that make us feel so beautiful shouldn't cost so much now should they?

Why Bella Galore & Co?

Bella Galore & Co aims to bring all the benefits of high quality cosmetics to our everyday life and thus solve this beauty dilemma that we deal with on a regular basis. We have invested many years into creating luxury level products just for you, and at a price that you will love almost as much as our products. All our products are made out of the finest, vegan ingredients, absolutely cruelty free, and crafted with LOTS of love, which will not only bring that professional makeup look, but will do wonders for your skin and self-esteem.

Who is behind Bella Galore & Co?

Hair - Bella Galore |  Beauty in Abundance

The face behind Bella Galore & Co is Kelly Augustine, a single mother of one, and a makeup artist with five years of active experience, working with beauties in California and Texas. Kelly, being a mother knows exactly what it feels like to be on a tight budget and being burdened with guilt when spending money on makeup, simply because of how expensive it can be.

We are a team!

We are here to help you take out the guilt of taking care of you with our Bella Galore & Co cosmetics. We have combined affordability and high quality makeup, and the result is simply astonishing. The smiles that we put on mothers faces who are running on a budget is priceless and that is what keeps us going! 
Every order that you place supports a minority-owned business, and a real, hard-working mother just like you.

Everybody deserves to be beautiful and that should not be a luxury, but should rather be available to everybody. That is why here at Bella Galore & Co we offer Beauty in Abundance.

Also feel free to surprise someone dear to you with one of our amazing makeup products, they will be forever thankful!

With all this in mind, the only thing missing is you! Head over to check out our products. We’re sure you’ll love what you find. xo

CEO Kelly Augustine